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Passionate about web applications, product UX/UI, webdesign, mobile and webmarketing.
From working in roles as developer, designer, product owner and marketer I have seen many angles to realize and launch a new product. I believe in metrics to iterate and improve a product. I develop side projects to keep creating beside my job.

Specialities : Managing team, product owner, scrum, lean methodologies, UX/UI design, mobile UX, SEO, web analytics skills, data-driven strategy, emailing, affiliation, SEM, travel, ecommerce.

My experiences

You can find me on Linkedin.


My projects

You can find my different works below. Most of them are done and others are still in progress.

  • SocialGrowthMe Waiting
  • SocialGrowthMe Dashboard
  • SocialGrowthMe Homepage
  • Ecotour.com Light
  • Ecotour.com mobile
  • Ecotour.com v3
  • Abysse Catamaran
  • Laura-fleur Goulignac
  • Kamel Mohammedi Website
  • Manoir Angey Website
  • lesfrenchy - Go And Find
  • lesfrenchy à NYC
  • lesfrenchy à Miami
  • lesfrenchy à San-Francisco
  • Politichiens project
  • Vendre-iPhone.com Homepage
  • Vendre-iPhone.com Product Page
  • Darnejma Tozeur
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